• AFF CAT C Bad Exit
  • AFF Bad Exit
  • AFF Ground Practice
  • AFF Ground Practice II
  • AFF Dance
  • AFF I Practice
  • AFF Instructor Grad (2)
  • AFF Legs out
  • AFF Practice
  • AFF Practice flying
  • After Tandem Landing
  • Bad Single AFF Exit
Our Company & Our Pledge

is a family owned business owned by Michael & Mercedes Wadkins who deeply believe in customer service. We are professionals driven by a passion for teaching and a deep love for the sport of Skydiving. Our vision is focused solely on training the trainer to Xcel in the sport of skydiving instruction. To obtain Instructor Ratings, it is crucial to have our students Xcel from our dedication and professional training.


"Ratings for the Professional"

Xcelskydiving believes in a whole system approach to instruction based on a solid foundation built from the USPA Coach to the method specific USPA ratings. We offer Accelerated Freefall (AFF)
Courses, AFF Pre-Courses, Re-Currency for expired ratings, Static Line Courses, Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD) Courses, Vector & Sigma (UPT) Tandem Instructor Courses and Coach Courses. Xcelskydiving's concept is an individually based premise on teaching the new instructor in a conducive, positive, and constructive learning environment how to teach their specific discipline by guiding them through the process with the IRM, the SIM
and by reinforcing solid air skills. We believe that the training you receive during our pre-courses will prepare you to succeed in the courses themselves and ultimately make you a success at your Drop Zone as a USPA Instructor and in your future ratings. Skydiving Certification is not easy - let Xcelskydiving assist you along the way to your skydive ratings.











Xcelskydiving.  The obvious choice for Skydiving and Instructor Ratings.