Relative Work Camps

Do you know your fall range? Are you tired of being on funneled exits? How many different jumpsuits do you own?

Often, after earning their first skydiving license, jumpers are left to accidentally discover very important freefall and canopy skills. Having a dedicated RW Camp or Load Organizing at your boogie can help novices gain crucial fundamental group skills as well as providing a fun way for more advanced flyers to achieve. As a result, your entire dropzone could benefit from safer practices, and maybe even enjoy breaking or setting a USPA performance record!

How it works

The minimum experience required for each skydiver in the RW camp is an A license. Beyond that, there is no special equipment needed. Audible altimeters are preferred but not mandatory. 

In general, each participant should plan for 15 jumps over 3 days, depending on weather, class size, and length of your desired event.

Skill Sets Covered

We work to develop a comprehensive eXperience tailored to the ability levels of the participants, balancing the cognitive with the physical. Skills covered may include:

  • “Dress for Success” weights or no-weights and other considerations (Jumpsuit selection)
  • Fall Rate- Do you know how fast or slow you go?
  • Modified “Frog” versus “Mantis” body posture
  • Basic “Mantis” body movements
  • Axis Flying- Turns around a point and horizontal movement
  • Dive Planning
  • Linked Exits- How to launch without funneling the block and working on the hill
  • Break off Considerations (Bigger Formations, Altitude Awareness vs. Technology)
  • Traffic Pattern versus Landing Pattern
  • 2-way and 3-way Drills
  • 4-way up to 20-way Sequential Dives

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