Why we do what we do ... Our Philosophy

What is Xcelskydiving?

A catalyst for positive change.

Why do we do what we do?

Our primary focus is on improving the skydiving instructional ratings community by running an amazing instructional rating courses and by providing method-specific resource manuals.  Our resource manuals are created by the cooperative efforts of our team who volunteer their time in the creation of these resources.

Who is Xcelskydiving?

We are a skydiving think tank! We are a group of Instructor Examiners and innovators who have a common passion and desire to make things better in the world of skydiving. We have a common vision and philosophy of being a catalyst for positive change in everything we do in the global sport of skydiving. 

Xcelskydiving is a network of eXperts who collaborate and volunteer their own time to work together in teaching courses, developing tools, supporting USPA, assisting drop zones, conducting seminars, making instructors, mentoring and most importantly doing our very best so that we can improve this sport.

Our group of talented and philanthropic eXaminers are constantly striving to improve training and education for the instructor corps by providing free resources, books, tools and training items to dropzones, to USPA, to Foreign Associations and to all skydivers. We aim to create a better future and positively impact the growth of skydiving education both locally and internationally.

Some of our eXaminers include elected USPA board members and USPA staff members serving our skydiving membership for the common good. Some are currently serving or have served in the military. Others devote their time as first responders and working for nonprofit organizations. Most notably - all of us are professionals and ambassadors for the sport of skydiving who work independently and speak in one voice.

What is our business model?

Our business model is wrapped around the independent examiner running their courses with standardized content. We produce these resource manuals cooperatively using the power of our collective experiences.  The advantage here is that we have the best minds working together to develop the highest possible standards and incorporate these standards into our courseware. 

How does Xcelskydiving do our thing?

In addition to conducting instructional rating courses, our eXperts provide catalysts for change in many other ways, very often at no cost to those attending. For example, we facilitate student program consultation, team culture and leadership, safety & educational seminars, and more.

Our most notable charitable projects include:

  • Donated PRO Book to USPA and assisted in revamping the USPA PRO program
  • In the process in the process of donating all of our courseware to the USPA
  • Instructor and student curriculum supplied to multiple Drop Zones throughout the U.S.
  • SkydiveSchool.org 
  • Safety Seminars
  • Our most impactful upcoming project involves improving the Instructor and Examiner courseware for USPA Instructional Ratings, based on our very popular Xcelskydiving books. Those materials have served as a foundational starting point to turn USPA curriculum into a more user friendly format with the latest techniques and terminology. We have freely given what is the culmination of years of experience, a body of work that is comparable to other projects that have cost the association tens of thousands of dollars.