Team Culture & Leadership Workshops

Management is Doing Things Right.
Leadership is Doing the Right Things.

Your best asset is your team, your staff. But let's face it, few DZOs or DZMs have any formal training in leadership or management. And who has time for that now?

Our eXaminers have had decades of eXperience and education in this very thing, having conducted workshops and major speaking events outside of the skydiving world. And we will condense and customize modern practices just for you and the skydiving industry.

How it works

If we are already running a rating course at your location, we can add a day or half day to the event and extend the invitation to existing rating holders or your office staff. Or, we can conduct these workshops as a stand alone event spanning several days. As always, we tailor our team and our presentations to fit your needs. 

Sample Topics

You get to choose the scope, the theme, the atmosphere and the content, picking a la carte from topics such as:

  • Building your Brand through Vision
  • Management versus Leadership
  • Valuing Followership
  • Developing Consistency among your Team
  • Designing Systems for Accountability
  • History's place in Developing Culture
  • The Puzzle Piece approach to Job Descriptions
  • Creating the Culture you want
  • Conflict Resolution Techniques
  • Situational Leadership
  • Apprenticeship versus Mentorship

These workshops are more than classroom presentations. Get your team actively engaged in building the right culture! Combine this offering with any of our other Safety & Educational Seminars or Student Training Program Consultation to make it an even more impactful venture!

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