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Using Cue Words for Efficient Practice teachniques 11/01/2014
Rules, Reasoning, Liability & Ethics philosophy 10/01/2014
Procedure Versus Style philosophy 07/01/2014
Mental Rehearsal skill sets 02/01/2014
Backwards Chaining Landing Pattern teachniques 01/01/2014
Relax Arch Neutral skill sets 12/01/2013
How to make a Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich teachniques 12/01/2013
Rating Dilution philosophy 11/01/2013
Positive-Specific teachniques 08/01/2013
What is a Penny worth? philosophy 01/01/2010
Teaching the Flare: Simon Says teachniques 01/01/2010
Utilizing USPA's Skydive School skill sets 01/01/2010
Teaching Skydiving philosophy 01/01/2010
Chest Mounted GoPro skill sets 05/06/2007