Basic Canopy Course

Course Specifics

Time frame for the course is typically 2 days, but can be one day depending on the needs of the candidates The schedule consists ofc rotating between dive planning, jumping, and debriefing.

The Xcelskydiving Basic Canopy Course will help you complete the requirements on the USPA B License proficiency card. Basic canopy skills coupled with landing accuracy help enhance your traffic pattern awareness and safety.

Topics Covered

  • Theory and academics
  • Proper wingloading
  • Canopy selection
  • Calculating and determining the spot
  • Canopy flight characteristics
  • Flare techniques & best practices
  • Traffic pattern
  • Accuracy
  • Housekeeping
  • Riser work
  • Flat Turns
  • Crosswind Landings
  • Return from long spot
  • Emergency Procedure review


You may attend this course if you have at least been cleared for self supervision during your student progression. Those seeking the B License requirements—or those just wanting to reconfirm skills on their canopy—will find this the perfect opportunity.

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