USPA Static Line & IAD Instructor Course

The Rating

The Static Line and IAD program are still very much in demand throughout the US and abroad. Most Drop Zones still offer these student programs for the students who cannot afford the expensive AFF programs. With very good and committed Static Line and IAD instructors this program can excel and exceed any DZ's expectations. Static Line and IAD methods are still a very good and positive way to teach skydiving. Get your Static Line and IAD ratings today, call us for a course - we will come to you....


  1. Exercise all privileges of the USPA Coach rating.
  2. Conduct student training and jumps according to his or her rating:
    (1) using instructor-assisted deployment with a throw-out, hand deployed pilot chute (IAD) or static-line
    (2) teach the IAD or static-line first-jump course
    (3) conduct method-transition training
  3. Conduct training in the general portions of any first-jump course.
  4. Train and supervise jumps with non-method specific students.
  5. Conduct the A-license quiz and check dive.
  6. Verify certain USPA license applications, according to the requirements in SIM Section 3.
  7. Supervise a USPA Coach in training students and making recurrency jumps with licensed skydivers.
  8. All student training is conducted under the direction and oversight of an appropriately rated USPA Instructor (refer to the BSRs).
  9. All general, non-method-specific student training and jump supervision may be conducted by any USPA Instructor, but method-specific training and jumps (AFF, IAD, static-line, and tandem) require a USPA Instructor who holds that method-specific rating.


Candidates may earn the USPA STATIC LINE and or IAD Instructor rating who have met all the following requirements:

  1. Reached the age of 18 years
  2. Holds or has held any USPA instructional rating
  3. Must have held a USPA Coach or Instructor rating
  4. Holds a USPA C license and made at least 200 jumps
  5. Completed the USPA Static Line & IAD Proficiency Card (applicable portions, also may be done online prior to the course)
  6. Successfully proven ability by successfully completing the written and practical evaluation process with a USPA Static Line and IAD Instructor Examiner (SLE or IADE)
  7. For the course you need a current (not older than 24 months) SIM and IRM. If you use a hard copy book, you must also print off the revisions available on USPA's downloads page, or you may bring a laptop or tablet and use the pdfs and SIM app.

The Static Line And IAD proficiency card is in the back of the IRM or you can download it from the USPA website, or use the online proficiency card available in your USPA Education profile. Your pre-requisite activity needs to be signed off in the required areas before the course starts! If you are already an instructor you can skip the topics that are marked with a " * " or see your prereqs page in your USPA profile for more. The first thing you should do if you consider taking the course is look at the proficiency card to see what needs to be done prior to the course. It may take some time to complete the signatures on the card. Some topics will get signed during the course by the course director. This is all marked on the card itself and is pretty much self-explanatory.

One of the requirements to complete the STATIC LINE or the IAD is taking an exam and scoring at least 80 %. You will get a link to take this open book exam online as many times as you want once you are enrolled, or you can look for this exam and answer sheet in the back of the IRM. It is an open book test and forces you to read through the IRM and SIM and is required to be completed prior to the start of the course. If not completed you will take the test at the course, you will need to score a 100%.

The Course


  • Introduction and Overview of the Course
  • History and Concept of the SL/IAD Programs
  • First Jump Course Concept and topics
  • Integrated Student Program (ISP) Category A through E
  • Group Skydiving Skills (ISP) F – H
  • IAD or SL methods
  • Problem Solving
  • SL/IAD Aircraft Procedures
  • Instructor Duties


  • SL/IAD Emergencies
  • Jump Preparation & equipment checks
  • Debriefing Skills
  • Category B Demonstration and Procedures Ground (PRCP's)
  • Category D Demonstration and Procedures Ground (Freefall & Canopy Training)
  • Conduct Pre-Evaluation Briefing
  • Practice Sessions (as needed)
  • If time permits – Evaluation Jumps


  • Evaluation of air evals and ground preps
  • Conduct End of Course Review

Note: If you are earning both ratings, the course is 4 days long.

Passing the Course

You must receive a satisfactory score in the following areas to complete the course:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of static-line rigging procedures for direct bag and static line assist or rigging the IAD system
  • Complete a satisfactory category B ground (PRCP) training session
  • Complete a satisfactory category D ground (freefall & canopy training) (coaches only)
  • Score satisfactory on a category D jump (coaches only)
  • Score satisfactory on evaluation jumps 2 static-line or IAD "students" including the competence to spot
  • Demonstrate competence to gear up and inspect a student

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