Safety & Educational Seminars

The only thing that stays the same is that things change.

Continuing education is crucial not only to keep your skill sets and knowledge base up to date, but also to reinforce the fundamentals you may have forgotten in your initial rating. These Xcelskydiving Seminars are designed to provide the most up to date fresh information and techniques while shoring up the basics.

How it works

If we are already running a rating course at your location, we can add a day or half day to the event and extend the invitation to existing rating holders. Or, we can conduct these seminars as a stand alone event.

We tailor our team and our presentations to fit your needs. Our eXaminers collectively has a wide range of eXperience and stay current and involved with the latest in the skydiving industry. Best of all, these seminars can count towards currency requirements for USPA rating renewals.

Sample Topics

If you do not see a topic listed, we can develop a program to cater to your needs. Seminars can last from a half day to two days, depending on your theme and number of topics. Sample offerings include:

  • Understanding the USPA Governance Manual and the Disciplinary Process
  • UPT Tandem malfunctions and how to handle them (Review and concurrent training)
  • Tandem updates
  • Best Practices for Jump Pilots
  • USPA Safety Day Seminars
  • Improving the efficiency of your First Jump Courses
  • What is the role of an S&TA?
  • Instructor continuing education (all disciplines)
  • Advanced techniques for coaches
  • USPA BSRs and IRM updates
  • How to conduct a proper Coach or Instructor Jump
  • Skill Analysis and Effective Debriefs
  • Consultations on how to conduct night jumps, high altitude jumps, water training and B license canopy training.
  • Confidential DZ courtesy inspection to ensure USPA and FAA compliance

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