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Over the years many of our examiners have worked for many DZ’s and have participated in many programs. We are quite familiar with what works well and what doesn’t. So our lead eXaminers decided to offer their eXperience at your disposal, free of charge, not only in conjunction with courses but all season long.

How it works

We offer our eXpertise through both Consultation and Materials. Give us a little extra time while we are running a course and we can provide in person consultation to your existing Student Training Program. We will work with DZOs, DZMs, chief instructors, existing staff, and office support in order to accomplish your goals. In addition we provide our renowned all-inclusive books and make suggestions for signage and training aids to provide the consistency and direction both your staff and students want.

We can develop and cater almost any recognized student program to suit your needs at your DZ. Give us a shout and see what we can do for you. If you chose Xcelskydiving as your examiners of choice, we will offer these programs free of charge if you endorse us on your website and only use our examiners to teach your courses. We will provide free annual updates and any new training material that we develop is yours free of charge – Just choose our Xcel team to teach your instructors.

Contact us and see what our seasoned and knowledgeable eXaminer corps can do for you.


Our lead eXaminers have designed very helpful training materials that gather the best from the USPA and the things that are working out on the field. After some time, we offered these items to DZs instead of just our candidates. It was so well received, we decided to answer the demand for great training tools. This transformed to something even bigger: Xcelskydiving decided to develop training packages for all the disciplines that USPA has to offer.

The packages include an “Instructors Book” and a “Student Book” designed to work in conjunction with each other. The instructor teaches from his book (training syllabus) and the student follows along with their book. Everything is solely designed to be method specific. This ensure that every instructor is teaching the same thing from Category A all the way to the “A’ license to your students. We have made the student book all-inclusive that offers many tools from flight planners (CAT A-H), a FJC, helpful graphics, logbook entries and even the “A” license card. 


Some of the topics we can address during consultation include:

  • Using the ISP to your advantage
  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Materials and Signage
  • Growing and Keeping Staff
  • Taking Advantage of Technology
  • Tracking Student Progress
  • Retention: keep them coming back
  • Teaching Packing

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