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Jen Sharp

As a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur, and one of the country's leading female skydivers, Jen Sharp is frequently invited to share the lessons and experience of skydiving and years in business, drawing analogies to the field and history of skydiving, in venues small and large, from summer children's program to municipal conferences to the state of Kansas Capitol building. Her expertise earned her the position of guest speaker multiple times for the National Dropzone Owner’s Conference as well as the International Parachute Industry Association Expo. She was also the keynote speaker for an audience of approximately 3,000 at the March 2015 Kansas Rural Water Association Conference. In addition, she often writes articles for skydiving and non-skydiving publications, regularly contributing to some, such as United States Parachute Association magazine Parachutist and the Kansas Rural Water Association magazine Lifeline. She also maintains a casual blog at

Teaching is her passion. Since earning her degree in Education, She taught in public schools and at the University level and still teaching private drum lessons to ages 3 to 85. In October 1995, She opened Skydive Kansas, the longest running commercial dropzone in Kansas, located in Osage City, which is known nationally for its educational offerings. Her reputation and credentials as a skydiving instructor/examiner afford her opportunities to travel and teach seasoned instructors how to facilitate their own courses and perform duties of leadership in their own areas. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. in Education specializing in Curriculum and Instruction at Northcentral University. 

Jen explains, "People ask me what I do, who am I? I reply, I'm a Plate Spinner...Not literally. Figuratively. I'm a mom, a skydiver, a drummer, a teacher, a student, a runner, a programmer, a writer, a closet standup comedian, a short order breakfast cook... my eclectic activities enrich my life and keep me busy. Still, my time is valuable but not saturated. (What do they say... if you want something done, ask a busy person?) I'm just addicted to the potential for efficiency."

At 18 years old, she made her first jump November 11, 1989 and now has 5,300 skydives. From October 1995 to February 2017, she owned and operated Skydive Kansas, the longest running commercial dropzone in the state. She is an ERC Director since 2010, an Accelerated Freefall Instructor since 1997, Static line JM & I ratings since 1992 that are now expired, a Strong Tandem Instructor since 2004, Strong Tandem Examiner since 2009, USPA Coach Examiner since 2003, Safety & Training Advisor from 2003 - 2017; PRO rating since 1994; FAA Senior Rigger since 1995, Master Rigger since 2009. "In 2014, I had the humble pleasure of traveling to Nepal with the Everest Skydive Team as the first female tandem instructor to do tandems there," she recalls. In the non-skydiving scope, she holds a Bachelors in Education, an Associate in Computer Information Systems, and Masters in Business Administration. As she owned her own web programming company for 20 years, she's been able to work as a consultant in many arenas and industries. The unique combination of education, tech, and skydiving coupled with the necessity for safe efficiency as a DZO has honed her focus towards improving education in skydiving. Currently, she is employed by USPA as the Director of Technology doing work as a data solutions architect and database admin among other things.

  • Jumps 5,300+ in 32 years in the sport
  • FAA Senior Rigger since 1995, Master Rigger since 2009
  • AFF Instructor since 1997
  • USPA Examiner Rating Course Director since 2010
  • USPA Coach Course Director / Examiner  since 2003
  • USPA Strong Tandem Instructor since 2004
  • USPA Strong Tandem Examiner since 2009
  • USPA AFF Examiner since 2021
  • USPA PRO Rating since 1997
  • Former Drop Zone Owner of 21 years – "Skydive Kansas"
  • Director of Technology for United States Parachute Association
  • Bachelors degree in Education (1993), Masters in Business Administration (2013), various Tech degrees/certifications
  • Ph.D. Candidate in Education specializing in Teaching and Curriculum

Ray Lallo

A native of the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York and Colorado, Ray says his passion for skydiving started "when my first airplane ride was my first jump."

A 21 year retired veteran of the US Army, Ray jumped from 1200 feet in Ft. Benning, GA in 1981 at the US Army Airborne School. After "Jump School" he continued his skydiving career in Girdwood, Alaska while being stationed at the Airborne Infantry Unit in Anchorage, Alaska. In 1983, he joined the US Army Special Forces and after graduating Special Forces was assigned to a Military Free Fall (HALO/HAHO) Team for 18 years. He continued to pursue his civilian skydiving career during his Military Service. He recalls, "My favorite Jump was a 32,000 foot High Altitude/High Opening (HAHO) over the countryside of Germany."

As a member of USPA for 30 years, he has accumulated over 14,000 jumps and earned many awards, wings and ratings. Over the years, he has competed on a 4 and 8 way team, a CRW team and the "Big Way" circuit but the most enjoyment he gets is from certifying new AFF, Tandem Instructors and Coaches. When time permits, he organizes "big ways" at boogies across the country.

  • Jumps 14,000+
  • Master in UW, GW and FID Studies, Pineland University
  • U.S. Army Special Forces (Retired) MSG/E-8 (21 years)
  • U.S. Army Certified Master Military Trainer
  • Graduate of the U.S. Army Special Forces Command Language School (Arabic)
  • AFF Instructor Examiner 4,000 combined AFF and AFF Evaluation jumps
  • Strong Tandem Instructor 3,500+ jumps
  • USPA Coach Examiner
  • USPA PRO Rating
  • Big Way Load Organizer and POPS Record Holder
  • USPA Regional Director (Mountain) and Secretary 2013 to 2016 and 2019 to present
  • Airline Transportation Pilot (ATP) Certification with 11,000 + Flight Hours
  • Instructor Pilot in the Citation XL and XLS Twin Jet
  • Certified in various Jump Aircraft such as the CASA 212, Twin Otter, Supervan and King Air
  • Mountain Regional Director and Secretary, USPA Board of Directors