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About Evaluating & Apprenticing

Xcelskydiving offers the opportunity for seasoned instructors to perform as evaluators in USPA rating courses. In addition, our seasoned eXaminers offer apprenticeship for aspiring individuals pursuing their USPA Instructor Examiner ratings.

AFF IE Pre-requisites

Candidate must have at least the following in order to begin working with us:

  • Must be a current USPA AFF Instructor
  • Must have a minimum of 400 student AFF Instructor Jumps
  • Must have taught 25 solo first jump courses (must be able to be verified)

Please also review the USPA IE Proficiency Card for complete details on all requirements to submit for your IE rating.

Course Plan

You will attend six (6) courses with a current AFF Xcel Xaminer. This will require you to travel and spend possibly an extra day during the courses. The following is the general plan for how you will gain experience:

  • Course #1: Introduction/development course. You will observe all modules of the academics, demonstrations, ground preps (guided practices and graded) and post course administrative duties. There will be NO jumps during this course.
  • Course #2: Guided participation and practice eval jumps.
  • Course #3: Teach 2 to 3 assigned academic modules, supervised ground preps and possible live Air Eval jumps
  • Course #4: Teach 4 to 5 assigned academic modules, independent ground preps and live Air Eval jumps.
  • Course #5: One full day of academic modules, Demonstrations, guide ground preps and live Air Evals and post course administrative duties.
  • Course #6: Full Course to include pre-course administrative duties, AFFI pre-course training and post course administrative duties.

Finishing up your IE rating

Although you may complete our Evaluator Training & IE Apprenticeship program, you may still need to complete Items on the USPA IE Proficiency Card before you can be signed off. Your packet will also need to be reviewed and accepted by the Safety & Training Committee of the USPA Board of DIrectors.


All evaluator apprentices are responsible for all costs associated with travel and lodging. Your jumps will be paid for, and after you are deemed at an unsupervised level, compensation may be considered. 

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